Who is Chuck Morrison?

I’m a man on a mission!!

I am a 37 year old motivational speaker, massive transformation coach and successful entrepreneur who launched the personal development brand, “Making Mountains Move,” created the highly successful iPhone app, Vision Board PRO and top income affiliate with Empower Network.

I am extremely blessed to have created a business and lifestyle around my passion, and have dedicated my entire life to helping others do the same in record time!

The Back Story

One day back in 1986, at the ripe age of just ten years old, while playing “hookey” from school, I was waiting inside the car for my mother who was on a sales appointment, and haphazardly hit play on her car’s cassette deck, and forever changed the course of my life.

On came the most mesmerizing and empowering voice I had ever heard before, with a powerful message that I swear to this day was meant specifically for me;Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one.

That voice was none other than Anthony Robbins, and I knew in that exact moment what I wanted to do when I “grew up.”

But by the time I “grew up”… I was nowhere even close to living my childhood dream!

O.P.D. (Other People’s Dreams)

Like most people, I ended up taking the “secure” route in life (or so I thought), and it wasn’t before long when I started feeling like I was living someone else’s life…

Because in reality, I was living someone else’s dream.

I was lost, disorganized, and felt like I had no sense of purpose or direction.

I bounced around from job to job, opportunity to opportunity, all the while looking for my dream outside of myself, when it was hiding inside of me the entire time.

Taking Back Control

I knew the only way I would be able to live my life on my terms was to make changes starting from the inside out. I plugged into personal development with a newfound purpose, and unwavering commitment to living my dream.

“The Universe will assist you, guide you, support you, and even create miracles for you. But first, you have to commit!” – T. Harv Eker

I created a whole new set of goals and standards for my life, invested tens of thousands of dollars into my personal development and online marketing education, hundreds of hours of in-the-trenches grunt work, and many, many, many failures later…

… and here I am, typing my about page for Making Mountains Move.

Dreams Do Come True

While it didn’t happen overnight, somewhere along the way I got good at podcasting and blogging, and successfully built one of the fastest growing movements inside the personal development & home business industry, while earning more and working less than I ever had inside the rat race.

Throughout this journey I’ve learned so much about what not to do, that I’m super confident about what to do to live your life on YOUR terms and generate strong income online.

This blog will reveal everything I know.

Every post will be a case study, with simple, actionable, follow-along steps that any person can copy to get results.  Okay, maybe not every post, but most.

Oh, and I should clarify…

Making Mountains Move is about taking action — it’s not about sitting around, and waiting for things to happen.

It’s about making things happen.

It’s creating an income and lifestyle that supports you and your dream.

Where Are You Now?

I want you to know, your life can change in an instant. This is your chance to make it happen…

Who do you want to be NOW?

Forget about your past… Forget about where you’ve been… Forget about who you’ve been…

Who do you want to become TODAY?

What kind of life do you want to lead?

What kind of money do you want to start earning?

Make this decision consciously…

Make it powerfully…

Make it YESTERDAY!!!

Make your life a Masterpiece.

Make Mountains Move

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:: Chuck Morrison