No Time, No Money… No Problem!

I just received the following message on Facebook…


This is a message from one of my newest team
members, Eric, who just got started with Empower
Network 3 days ago…

We all hear (and maybe have even used the excuse),
I don’t have the money.

Well, neither did Eric…

at least that’s what he told

Money is NEVER the issue.

It’s always a lack of creativity and resourcefulness.
(see above)

Eric used his creativity to leverage Craigslist to earn
himself $655 in 19 days.


When I started my online business I had:

- No experience
- No list
- No budget
- Limited time (I was in a J.O.B.)
- One HELL of a burning desire

When you stop accepting excuses from yourself,
you can never accept excuses from others.

For those who try to argue, “I don’t have the time,”

It’s never lack of time that is the issue.
It’s always a matter of priorities.


Do you not have the time or money to do something…

Or is it… that you’re talking yourself out of it?

If you want something, anything…

There is always a way!

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fastest way to earn real residual income online,

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Move Mountains,


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